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    is the JK Web and JK Computing Web Site, where, depending on user needs, JK Web operates in the VAT system, while JK Computers is not in the VAT system.

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    'Web Site', suitable for any business or craft, created in C #, Visual FoxPro, and ASP.NET Web Application Framework, with a focus on clean and high quality web pages.

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    'Web Shop', suitable for any business or craft, created in C #, Visual FoxPro, and ASP.NET web application frameworks, with a focus on clean and quality web pages.

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    Hire or rent hardware for Fiscalis, suitable for any business or craft. Each part is tested and has a one-year warranty.


Fox, C#, aspx, ... Code

All of our projects are made in Visual Studio in Fox, C #, Aspx, ... and every product we need is a product whose code is very neat and clean. At your request, we improve and modify certain parts of the code, such as reports, according to your business needs.

Technical Support

Due to possible issues that appear to work, a power outage or the internet, or simply wanting to include all the data in your fiscal cash register, feel free to call us and we will solve all the problems in a very short time.


All our web site-related and browser-related projects are responsive, so you can use them on all possible technical achievements of today's devices.


All the reports that you need to work through your company's web site are solvable, ..., all possible PDF print formats to the extent of your business are existing, whether you are creating an application or database, or installing the analytics code of your site and all other related pages (e.g., facebook, instagram, You tube, ...).


We have invested a lot of effort on all activities to guarantee today for every activity in particular. Professionalism and Superior Service is a guarantee of success.


The activities we are doing require day-to-day support, most of your queries because of the lack of the Internet, but our Call Center that solves the software could not do much to help you with our on-site service repair service that is worthwhile fixing any hardware issues.

Kassa & Back Office Software

We have made Fiscal Software worthy of any business or trades, with a lot of opportunities and needs of today's customers. Particular emphasis is placed on the Admin area that is easy to use for every business owner or its admin at all.

Complete Back Office for Fiscal Checkout, All Inputs, Reports is enabled and Documentation Analytics, Purchase Order, Orders, Accounts Receipts, ..., and more that this product offers is active and enabled.

All software testing is currently underway in all possible and unlikely terms, and its use will be made available to users at the end of August 2018 and interested will be able to view the software version of our software at our company premises.

Kassa Software Back Office Demo Web Sites

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Employment in Jeremiah's Corner!
Every first Wednesday of the month, you can see our latest job vacancies on our site. The most frequent competitions will be related to backend and frontend developers, field service providers, call center staff, and all other IT skills. Please let us know through the employment form and we will answer you within a couple of days. The advantage of choosing a candidate is none, because we do not have racial, age, political or any other division, and we appreciate only knowledge and responsibility.
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