SUPPORT & CALL CENTER - for software & hardware

Whose support is intended for?
The support and call center is intended for anyone who has the need to quickly and efficiently establish contact center service, which contact center represents through the continuous maintenance of equipment, software and ultimately employment or training of employees in order to keep appropriate service level.                                     
Incoming contacts                                     
- information about the products and services of the client                                     
- customer service information and customer service help (help desk)                                     
- Support for marketing actions and prize draws                                     
- Overwrite calls during overtime or off-hours                                     
- client reservation                                     
- receiving fax or e-mail messages                                     
Outbound Contacts                                     
- Telemarketing, customer identification and product and service offerings                                     
- Updating and updating existing or creating new databases                                     
- market research by surveying the selected sample of users                                     
- customer satisfaction testing                                     
- opening of sales channels                                     
- confirmation of the presence of previously invited participants in meetings and events organized by a particular client                                     
Back office contacts                                     
- sending contracts, information and presentation material                                     
- Send personalized text, fax, e-mail, or SMS messages                                     
- communication with the employees of the contracting authority in order to coordinate the activities                                     
- Database management                                     
- Creating and maintaining databases related to products and services                                     
- Creating and maintaining customer database                                     
- Database customization and filtering for a specific user profile                                     
Quality Control                                     
- Control and analysis of the collected indicators                                     
- Evaluating employees and companies through a regular survey                                     
- Call Recording, which is stored on servers, and is available for search by the responsible person                                     
- Call Monitoring in Real Time. It is intended to control the quality of real-time conversations of an operator                                     
Business Benefits                                     
Contact Center enables faster start of work, more stable daily work, adapting available resources to real needs, and better planning costs.                                     
STOCK CALCULATION                                     
Are not you sure what an item in your account is? Where to find the number of users? Let your account be unknown! Find answers to all the questions about your account items.                                     
OPEN, EXPRESS AND EXCLUDE                                     
What are your rights and how to act if you get a warning? Learn Here!                                     
Explain item items if you do not fulfill your obligations on time. Take full control of all situations so that there would be no exclusion.                                     
Temporarily disconnect the port on your request                                     
If you travel, go to vacation or temporarily visit overseas, and do not want to pay at that time our account, you can temporarily opt out of our service: one during the calendar year and up to one month.                                     
Reinvestment costs are not charged                                     
Deactivate the connection due to debt                                     
If our service is excluded for you due to unknown reasons for account debts and you have not noticed any previous measures billing claims like a warning and a voice message, please contact us on 098 68 68 68.                                     
It's good to know:                                     
If you have not settled the debtor's debt within the foreseeable period even after you have submitted the written warning for your debts per account, we invite you and an automatic voice message to alert you to the recorded debt                                     
If, even after notification by means of a voice message, the debtor does not receive the debts within the foreseeable period, the temporary exclusion our service due to account debts                                     
Once your payment account has been settled, it will be visible on a business day within 24 hours to 48 hours                                     
After the temporary exclusion, or after the outbound traffic is disabled, we remind you once again of the unsuccessful debt before permanent disconnection, both in voice and in writing.                                     
Did you know that you are entitled to a lower monthly fee if you own more than one of our services? Jeremiah's corner approves a discount and based on physical disability.                                     
If you are one of the users of our services who is entitled to a discount, you need the documentation and get it!                                     
Monthly Fee Discounts:                                     
Subscribers who have two or three connections, provided that the connections are the same subscriber, regardless of the address, the connection is applied for 2nd and 3rd connection with the corresponding discount of 23%                                     
Discounts on Disability Benefit:                                     
War veterans                                     
They have a discount depending on the percentage of damage they have and may also personally file a claim with a solution in Jeremiah's box or on their behalf an authorized association sends a solution to Jeremiah's knife.                                     
Physical persons with physical disabilities                                     
They have a discount on the monthly allowance through the Alliance of Invalids or its affiliated association, which then officially sends a decision on the percentage of disability according to Jeremiah's Corner. Subscriber specific requests are not received.                                     
Contact customer support.                                     
DO NOT REPAIR YOURSELF!                                     

Responsible for call center are (since 15. January, 2018.)

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Employment in Jeremiah's Corner!
Every first Wednesday of the month, you can see our latest job vacancies on our site. The most frequent competitions will be related to backend and frontend developers, field service providers, call center staff, and all other IT skills. Please let us know through the employment form and we will answer you within a couple of days. The advantage of choosing a candidate is none, because we do not have racial, age, political or any other division, and we appreciate only knowledge and responsibility.
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