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"By the end of August 2018, we 'release' the latest Back Office software for fiscalization, as well as for all the other needs of any business or company, and you can now look at the software workflow that will surely satisfy all aspects of the business. Software is tested in all environments and will offer a host of opportunities."

"Hire or sell software and hardware for fiscalization, suitable for any business or craft that appreciates the style, cleanliness and quality of software. Fiscalization software is developed in VFP and C # programming languages with the ASP.NET Framework for Web Applications. (desktops, laptops, monitors, printers and other components) required for archiving systems, has a one-year warranty. At your request, we update the existing Back Office and Archival status and offer 24-hour support."

How Much Money Have Someone Company Or Craft Lost Today?
"The answer to this question can be obtained by analyzing daily reports, eg about total traffic, sales on menu items, and hourly reports of each employee. Each of these reports is a powerful tool for planning and tracking goals."

With the 'Back Office' software you get a daily report analysis and you'll have the following options:

- Make a projection of the turnover and profit on a monthly basis, set real business goals and make a better organization of staff and to this a way to minimize staff costs.
- Identify your favorite items from the menu and make changes to the offer as well as price adjustments for certain items for better sales results.
- Remote monitoring of business operations at each cash desk, in real time
- Customer support 24 hours a day and a replacement device in case of malfunction if the replacement device is available at that point at the point of sale.
- Constant upgrade to law enforcement and other improvements
- Loading customers, suppliers, and items through Excel tables
- The ability to put each license into seasonal rest
- Ability to issue an account and in case of interruption of the connection with the Tax Administration
- Tracking Stocks and Stocks
- Create invoice, preview, print copy, reverse
- Creating Complex Accounts: Account Item Description, Price Changes, Different Discounts
- Create a "known" customer account
- Accelerated account creation
- Create bids, create bills from bids
- Send invoices and offer by email
- Fast change of logged in user
- Granting the right to change prices and discounts, and access to user data  
- Work with complex products according to norms
- Work with supplies
- Business Reports
- Automatically submitting conclusions and monthly reports via e-mail to accounting

Below are just some of the combinations of the needs of each business:

View and print all required reports like end-of-release reports or individual and aggregate reports for a specific period that are easy to review and easy to analyze in the POS Sector. They are printed on a POS or A4 printer and are customized for export.

Show traffic by default within one shadow, such as review by items, operators, taxes, payment type, buyers, and similar parameters. All activation of desired information and report reviews are in one form in which you currently select the type of report you want and get results ready for printing.

Displays a single view of traffic with all desired criteria for the required time period for one or more days or more years of business if necessary. The review criteria are related to the sale of items, employees, taxes, reports on the merchandise used, account overview, payment type, etc. The reports are printed on the A4 or POS printer and are also customized for export.

Collective reports allow you to create all your reports according to your needs or wills. The report can contain all of the information you need and is perfect for quick, overall reporting. Printed on a POS or A4 printer and are customized for export.

Software made by (15. January, 2010.)

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    Siniša was so abnormal that I did not know where or where. I was constantly attacking me to get him something, and I had no idea what he wanted. It was a bit overdoing as we made this famous 'Kassa' ..

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