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Welcome to 'Jeremiah's Corner' , a trade specializing in the sale and service of refurbished brand desktops, computer servers, workstations, laptops, monitors and their components. Our core business is IT, but we want to emphasize our specific mode of work: Through 15+ years of experience and individual approach, we as a potential client are trying to find the best solution and implement it into your business. The emphasis is on finding a financially favorable and time-consuming solution. Also, after implementing our solutions in your business, we provide you and your employees with the necessary training on the service and / or product, and enduring support and support, either through our regular maintenance service, as needed.                                     
Our team of experts has a long-standing experience from various IT domains so that we can offer start-up and business start-ups absolutely to start or continue quality business. Through our work and experience with business users and our constant education and training, we believe that we are responsible for a lasting type of partner who will take care of the products and services implemented in your business, whether it is a single computer or a complex IT system. We hope you will give us the opportunity to introduce ourselves and hope for future successful co-operation.                                     

If you need advice on purchasing, servicing, products, services, etc., contact our employees who are always at your disposal, either by going to a branch, by e-mail or by calling our Call Center.

If you need any information or specific items you need, and can not be found on our webshop, send an inquiry to the e-mail. We will answer you as soon as we collect the necessary information. Feel free to contact us with questions, doubts or doubts. We will go out to meet you and try to satisfy your needs.

BUY FROM OUR WEB SHOP                                     
Purchase terms define the procedure for ordering, paying, delivering, and refunding or claiming the goods offered on our pages. Through our web shop Buyer has been able to purchase all the products found on our site. Currency is Croatian kuna (HRK).                                     
The products are ordered through the cart and are irrevocable. If the seller is not able to deliver all the ordered products, they will deliver what they can. By delivering these products, they will send the Customer an e-mail within the anticipated deadline for delivery of the remaining. The buyer may cancel the delivery of the remaining products within 3 days as directed in the partial delivery notice.
General Paypal / Virman                                     
By payment (internet bank or payment) - ask for a quote by phone or order yourself at the webshop make a payment by cashier, general payer or internet banker, where we deliver the goods upon receipt.                                     
By delivery                                     
The buyer pays cash when delivering goods to the courier service ('City Express').                                     
TERMS OF DELIVERY                                     
Delivery of goods is carried out by the courier service 'City express' exclusively in the territory of the Republic of Croatia. Exceptionally, the stuff can be delivered in some other way. The delivery price is approximately 45,00kn and you can check the terms and conditions of delivery on the pages City Express. We send the badge at the expense and risk of the buyer. Delivery of the goods is free of charge for the value above 2.000,00 kn if not exceeds the frame price of 45,00kn. Goods will be delivered within 2-10 days of receipt of payment.
Complaints are made according to the manufacturer's specifications for the product you have purchased. Service and spare parts are provided an authorized representative for Croatia. You may contact us with a defective device or take it directly to an authorized service. We are not authorized service and do not determine whether a product is correct or not, nor do we decide whether or not it will be replaced / repaired, all complaints are forwarded to authorized service. If the goods are damaged in the carriage, the buyer is entitled to a free service by the courier. When filing a defective product, you must enclose a copy of the invoice, warranty list, fault description, complete documentation and original packaging. The warranty does not include damages caused by improper use handling, mechanical damage, damage due to lightning strike, excessive voltage or battery life.                                     

Responsible for computer Sales are (since 19. April, 2015.)

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    The longing to make sales of computers has taken me to the best days of life. Even though I do not want to get up, some computer, I'm kind of focused on watching porn. Milenko I like it already, ..., enough.

  • Milenko
    Ask Man

    Viktor is just a hearty master, ..., they like to fix it. I always make a priest and take me to the basement, very kind, very very. It was a little overdone with food while we grabbed some graffiti ...

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Every first Wednesday of the month, you can see our latest job vacancies on our site. The most frequent competitions will be related to backend and frontend developers, field service providers, call center staff, and all other IT skills. Please let us know through the employment form and we will answer you within a couple of days. The advantage of choosing a candidate is none, because we do not have racial, age, political or any other division, and we appreciate only knowledge and responsibility.
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