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"Here you can post your comets, criticisms or commendations about the services and work of our company or comments about. Any inappropriate comment will be deleted, with special emphasis on those insults based on or relating to political, racial, religious or other beliefs."

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Admins for comments (since 15. February, 2018.)

  • Simba

    All comments on humorous content are more than welcome, just keep in mind that any vulgarity will be sanctioned. Milenko lets you comment, but please once again for the culture of behavior and writing. Thank you for understanding!

  • Milenko
    Ask Man

    Sinisha does not make sense to comment, sometimes she does not. Everything is suspicious and so be mindful, but my little one is there to let you a little bit of 'malice'. Enjoy and write!

Employment in Jeremiah's Corner!
Every first Wednesday of the month, you can see our latest job vacancies on our site. The most frequent competitions will be related to backend and frontend developers, field service providers, call center staff, and all other IT skills. Please let us know through the employment form and we will answer you within a couple of days. The advantage of choosing a candidate is none, because we do not have racial, age, political or any other division, and we appreciate only knowledge and responsibility.
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